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The Oil of Promotion is geared at evoking the right focus for next level platforms. It is manual that candidly outlines the process for spiritual promotion. It will assist in grounding the believer so they are not caught off guard or easily offended by what was orchestrated for their making.

It is a must read for those in-route to higher ground and the Lord's Oil is about to establish greater in your life   $15.00


That's Why You Can't Stop 

will instruct, stir and encourage those that find themselves a bit worn while persevering in challenging times. Those that have been devalued, underestimated, taken for granted and possibly even despised. Please know that God has  not lost count of the seeds sown in tears, neither has He forgotten His promises.. Thus, here are some insights that  will uplift the disciplines needed to stay the course until your due season arrives.  $20.00


The Authentic Oil of Promotion made with the O.T Ingredients in a Glass Vial  $5.00


Apostle Lenny O. Harvey 

    Messages on CD's                                        

1. Get Ready for the Impossible. $5.00              

2. Expect the Great. $5.00

3. Preserved for a Purpose $5.00

4. Accelerated Transformation $5.00


  Donation of $5.00     


No Series Represnted at this Time

Series of 2 $8        

Series of 3 $12

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